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Volume 2,Number 2, July2013
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Impact of landuse on soil quality in Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria
  Z. Aminu, M. Yakubu, A. A. Mohammed and Niranjan Kumar
CTappearance of the aberrant subclavian artery
  Hussein. A. Hassan, Taher Osman Ali and Caroline. E. Ayad
Effects of chemical insecticides on the properties of soil using maize as a test crop
  M.M. Sauwaand M. Yakubu
Antiinflammatory effect and toxicological evaluation of thymoquinone volatile oil of black seed onadjuvant induced arthritis inWistar Rat
  Mehtab Alam and Vikas Galav
Morphology and productivity response of Lens esculentus .......
  Astik Kumar Buts, Vijaya L. Chaudhary and Divya Singh
Water quality analysis of river Mahanadi in Cuttack City, Odisha, India
  Subhashree Panigrahi and A. K. Patra
Moth,Legs, Excellent source of tissue for DNA extractio......
  A. S. Shere-kharwar, S. Magdum, G. D. Khedkar, S. Gupta and V. Zambare
Morphotaxonomy, medicinal use and new host range ofDendrophthoe falcata....
  R. B. Singh and P. K. Gupta
Effects of phosphorus on yield and grain protien content of two important Indian pulses
  M. Z. Beg, Sohrab Ahmadand Deepak Kumar Srivastava
Isolation of Rhizobium and cost effective production of biofertilizer
  K. S. Gomare, M. Mese and Y. Shetkar
Histopathological study of Macrophomina phaseolina causing charcoal rot of Sorghum
  Manjeet Arora and Savita Pareek
Ecological strategies for the sustainable management of GujarTal Ecotone Belts
  Mayank Singh
MedicinalConvolvulaceous plants ofEasternUttarPradesh
  Vinay Kumar and Masood Akhtar
Foliar application of potassium on urd bean
  M. Z. Beg, Sohrab Ahmadand Deepak Kumar Srivastava
Water quality of Gomati river water in and around Sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh, State, India
  Deepak Kumar Srivastava and Naveen Krishna Srivastava
Ethnomedicinal plants recorded from Rajouri Poonch Districts ....
  Shamim Ahmed Azadand Aasia Bhat
Species diversity, relative abundance and habitat use of the bird...
  Rajan Singh, Deep Novel Kour, Fareed Ahmad and D. N. Sahi
Study of chromosomal morphology of....
  Ummey Tamim Ahrari and S. Z. Ali
Ethenomedicinal Solanaceous plants of Eastern Uttar Pradesh
  Vinay Kumar and Masood Akhtar
Impact of fly-ash amended soil on growth and rhizome setting in an endangered medicinal...
  N. K. Mishra
Karyotype analysis of male rat.....
  Ashok J. Patil
Study on hyphomycetes genus C. crotonicola....
  Deepak Kumar Srivastava
Soil and organic matter characterization of an Agarian MicroWatershed in Chotanagpur Highlands
  Aastha Gulati and S. C. Rai
Systematic enumeration of uncultivated flora of Ghazipur ....
  N. K. Mishra
Climatic variability nd its impact n agricultural operation...
  Sonu Bhatia
Fungi associated with decayed sweet oranges C.sinensis collected fromLapai, Niger State, Nigeria
  D. S. S. Mohammed, Niranjan Kumar, D. Damisa, E. Bala, I. L. Muhammad, G. R. Muhammad and A. Yunusa
Microbiology , Book Review
  Dushyant Kumar Sharma
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