Volume 2,Number 1,Dec, 2012


Some physicochemical parameters of Makera Drain, Kaduna, Nigeria

N.J. Dadi-Mamud, S.J.oniye, J.Auta and Niranjan Kumar

In vitro production of Vanillin from suspension culture of Aerva lanata ...

M.S. Surya, Mohammed Ashiq and K.Jayachandran

Evaluation of few biochemical parameters of the in vitro grown callus tissue of Aquilaria agallocha

Abhijit Talukdar

Morphological and protein profile alterations in Withania somnifera

Jyoti Ranjan Rout and Santi Lata Sahoo

A study on the role of antioxidant Vitamin E supplementation on behavioral changes induced...

E.Kayalvizhi, B.Vijayalakshmi, Nilesh N Kate and M.Chandrasekhar

A study of factors affecting relapse in substance abuse

Amit K Sharma, Suneet K Upadhyaya, Pankaj Bansal, M Nijhawan and D K Sharma

Amoxycillin,Clavulanic acid resistance In Staphylococcus aureus isolated from infected oral cavity

Biswajit Batabyal

Isolation of crop specific indigenous Rhizobium strains and study their effects on seed germination

R. K. Jain, Arachana Shrivastava and D. K. Sharma

A taxonomic census of Magnoliophytes associated with the forest abodes of tribals ...

Tripti Bouri and Ambarish Mukherjee

Annual variation in phytosociological aspects of some medicinal plant species from family Euphorbiaceae ...

N.K. Mishra, N. Mahto, V. Khatoon and Savita

Genetic variability, correlation and path analysis in Mungbean ..

R.L. Srivastava and G. Singh

Leaf morphological and epidermal features as an aid to the taxonomy of different morphotypes ...

D. P. Paliwal, A. K. Paliwal and C.J. Parbhkar

Food consumption pattern and weight gain of albino rats...

B.Kalyani, K. Manjula and D.L.Kusuma

Estimation of carbon storage in Mitragyna parviflora heritage tree ...

Ishan Y. Pandya

Seasonal fluctuations in abiotic components of Sabarmati River, Gujarat, India

Tushar Kumar Gandhi

A study on Kapla Wetland complex ,threatening wetland of Western Assam

A.K. Dewan and P.K Saikia

Studies on the dynamics of root-knot nematode associated with vegetable...

Manujendra Pratap Singh and G. K. Sharma

Comparative study on the acute toxicity of plant based pesticide...

Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Alok Varma and Geeta Saxena

Medicinal plants used for the treatment of diabetes by the Baiga...

Manisha Yadav, Khalid Kafeel Khan and M.Z.Beg

Certain avenue trees in Mandsaur City, M.P.

Prerna Mitra and R. P. Singh

Effect of nitrogen and sulphur on dry matter accumulation, nitrogen and sulphur ...

Sidheshvar Upadhyay, D. N. Tiwari and Shiv Kumar

Ethno-Medicinal weeds of veterinary importance from Dullapathar ..

N.K. Mishra, Ram Das and Deepak Kumar Srivastava

Acute toxicity of matrine containing biopesticide Kethrin ...

Imtiyaz Ahmad Bhat, Alok Varma and Geeta Saxena

Population count, nesting records and conservation threats of

A.K. Dewan and P.K Saikia

Phytosociological perspectives of representative herbaceous genera of common occurrence ...

N.K. Mishra, Richa Singh, Sonam Ojha and Supreeti

Ethnobotanical plants used for curing skin diseases by tribals of ...

Manisha Yadav, Khalid Kafeel Khan and M.Z.Beg

Effect of nitrogen and sulphur on yield attributes, yield, oil and protein content ...

Sidheshvar Upadhyay, D. N. Tiwari and Shiv Kumar

Study of chromosomal morphology of Xenenthodon cancila ...

Ummey Tamim Ahrari and S.Z.Ali

A comparative study of urban and rural adolescence with reference ...

Asha Singh and Sudha Pandey

Anti-Rabies Antibodies,Review

C K Singh, Karan Bansal, M Dandale, and Pranoti Sharma

Molecular taxonomy,use of modern methods in the identification of a species,Review

A. K. Singh

Phytoremediation,an emerging green technology for removal of pollutants ..Review

Keshav Singh Jatav, R P Singh, J K Mishra and A K S Chauhan

Rif1,The novel replication regulator in yeast and mammals....Review

Dhirendra Kumar Singh

20th Century experimental studies on rabies in animals ..Review

C K Singh, K. Bansal, M Dandale, and Pranoti Sharma

Screening Of Phosphorus Solubilizing Aspergilli From Unusual Habitats Of Agra Region

Ratika Singh, Gursatya Singh Algh and Surendra Singh